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Debt Consolidation in Lunenburg

    We help residents with Debt Consolidation in Lunenburg, NS:

  •   ✔ Reduce debt by as much as 60%
  •   ✔ Be debt free in as little as 12 months
  •   ✔ Lower your monthly payments
  •   ✔ Eliminate collection agency calls
  •   ✔ Consolidate your debt without a loan



We've been there. We get it. Since 1995 we have helped thousands of people living in Lunenburg regain control of their lives, repay their debt and save thousands in interest with our proven Debt Management Program. Safe. Secure. Reliable.

Debt Consolidation in Lunenburg NS

Nobody in Lunenburg needs constant calls from debt collectors and sleepless nights. So you'll be glad to know debt help is at hand with the DEBTMANAGERS, Debt Consolidation Program. One call to one of our debt consolidation professionals and you’ll soon see how you can become debt free—and worry free.

Debt Consolidation is a form of debt management that many people in Lunenburg rely on to manage their bills long before their debts gets beyond their control. Our Debt Services can help an individual in Lunenburg NS avoid filing for bankruptcy and help get them debt relief.

Lunenburg Debt Consolidation Overview

Individuals in Lunenburg who are in extreme debt often wonder what avenues they can pursue in order to overcome their existing financial issues. After speaking to one of our counseling professionals, you may decide that our debt consolidation program is your best solution to paying off current debts. Over 51 others in Lunenburg have joined our debt consolidation program- turning multiple overwhelming monthly bills into one monthly payment with lower interest rates than they previously had on all their bills combined. The amount you pay is dependent on how much you can personally afford after all living expenses have been accounted for and how much your creditors will accept. Our debt consolidation counselors work to create tailored solutions based on your personal financial situation in Lunenburg.

In addition to providing debt relief, debt consolidation can be an ample solution for those individuals looking to keep their credit rating intact. Combing your multiple bills into one manageable monthly payment allows you to establish a record of on-time payment history and reduce outstanding debt to balances at a healthy percent of your credit limits. Already our debt consolidation program has helped over 51 residents in Lunenburg maintain or regain control of their credit.

You may not need to file for bankruptcy! Our debt reduction program for Lunenburg residents will help you to pay off your unsecured creditors...


...This can serve as a tremendous relief -being in debt can be quite stressful and the ability to pay off bills can relieve the unneeded anxiety. You too can live debt free in Lunenburg. Debtmanagers’ debt consolidation services can help you avoid filing for bankruptcy and keep a good credit score: it takes years to build a good credit score and only moments to destroy it.

You’ll find that the DEBTMANAGERS Debt Consolidation system for Lunenburg residents offers the benefits you’re looking for:

• A substantially lower monthly payment brings you immediate debt reduction and relief.
• Only one payment each month (or a split payment) to cover all your financial obligations.
• Creditors and collectors will stop calling you.
• Reduction in interest costs (in most cases) to help you pay off all debt in less time.
• Control and management of your finances, ease of mind, and no more stress!

Make the call to our toll free number now or use the box above to have one of our consumer debt consolidation professionals call you at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DEBTMANAGERS a bank, trust company, or other type of loan company? Do you make loans?
No. We provide a Debt Management Program (sometimes referred to as a DMP) rather than a loan to residents in Lunenburg NS as well as all other regions of Canada.

What is a Debt Management Program?
One of our expert debt consolidation counselors will confidentially assess your present financial position with you, either in person in Lunenburg, on-line, or over the telephone. Your personal credit counselor will work with you to prepare a budget and arrange to deal with your creditors. Then the company will help you manage your debts on an ongoing basis by collecting one, single manageable payment per month from you (or two, depending on your personal cash flow) and distribute it to your creditors.

Is your Debt Management Plan a Consolidation Loan?
No, though the results are very similar. With our Debt Management Program, you are responsible for a single monthly payment to cover all of your outstanding unsecured debt payments, and the result is a lower payment than you are currently making to you creditors. We will also support you with credit counseling, so that you can get debt-free and stay that way.

Watch this video to learn more about DebtManagers in Lunenburg,NS

We put together a series of informative YouTube videos to help explain what we do and why we are here if you need us. Click play and sit back and watch.

Want to learn more? Visit our  YouTube Channel to see more videos. In debt? Collection agencies calling? Keep calm and call the professionals at AAA YouTube subscription is free.


  • « With the money you'll save each month treat yourself in Lunenburg NS and:
    • Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic - rich fishing heritage. • The Knaut-Rhuland House - museum by Lunenburg Heritage • Slip into Paradise at Spa at Ninety4. • Ironworks Distillery opened its doors to the public in June 2010. »

    With thanks, Anonymous in Lunenburg

  • « I just wanted to drop a line to you to tell you how happy I have been to be dealing with Gladys with your organization. When I first called to set up the possible consolidation / proposal, I was at a very low point personally and financially. Without any judgment, just kindness and thorough explanation, Gladys told me my options, and when we proceeded, she simply added the extra human touch to make it all bearable to face my financial issues. Thank you. »

    Sincerely, Robin - Montreal, Quebec

  • « We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Debt Managers
    for helping us to finally see the light at the end of a very long tunnel. »

    Sincerely, Maucelline & Robert

  • « This letter is to say thank you very much for your help. You opened your door to me when everyone else shut theirs. I thought nobody would help me and you did. The information you gave me on creditors was a great help. Once again, thank you. I will never forget what your company has done for me. »

    Sincerely, Leslie, Lunenburg

  • « Many thanks for the great service rendered when I was at the end of my rope. When cancer struck me, I tried to accommodate all my creditors, but it became impossible. Your company was recommended to me by a friend and that saved my life Your great cooperation enabled me to pay off my creditors. I thank you again for your great help in this matter. I would be doubly pleased to recommend your services to anyone in need. »

    Sincerely, Donna

  • « We would like to express our deepest appreciation to you for helping us through this rough period.
    You are an outstanding and helpful company.
    Thank you very much. »

    Sincerely, Karl & Fawn

  • « Having managed annual budgets of $10,000,000 I find my presenteconomic condition very difficult and embarrassing. You instinctively understood my position as well as my needs and handled the situation very well. Further, when a problem became evident you cleared it up quickly. Again, thank you for the admirable manner in which you handled our situation. »

    Sincerely, J.R.

  • « This note is to thank you all so very much for your help and support in our struggle to gain control of our lives without credit. It has been a constant uphill battle for the last 10 years and it is such a relief to finally have only ourselves to answer to. We thank our lucky stars everyday that we found you. This year has been an incredible year for us so far and is largely due to your efforts.Please know that the job you have is making a tremendous difference in peoples lives. »

    Thank you, Wes and Tammy

  • « I'm very proud to be able to tell you that I'm a graduate of the Debt Managers Program. I am also very pleased to say that I am now working on my “financial wellness” program with my personal financial planner. I can honestly tell you that my state of mind today is much better than the day I first went to see a counsellor at Debt Managers. They have definitely helped me to turn my life around and gave me a new positive outlook on life. »


  • « I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I am a client. Gladys is absolutely amazing at representing your company. For months prior to having contact with her, I was a mess and worried out my financial situation. She turned my fears and anxieties to a more calm and relaxed feeling. Gladys took me through your directives and policies and took the time to explain it simpler to me without making me feel like a total idiot. »

    Ted, Toronto, Ontario

  • « I can’t thank you enough for helping me and allowing me to see my goals are closer than I ever thought they would be. »

    Lori, Nova Scotia

  • « Hi Jennifer, Thank you very much for all of your help in getting me started with this new and empowering phase in my journey towards financial freedom. It has been a pleasure working with you. I just thought that I would let you know that your kindness and understanding manner made my cry for help a lot more comfortable than I thought it would be. Thanks! »


  • « Thank you for your support and patience. I know dealing with me was not an easy task, because I was not consistent or dependable, for that I am sorry. Your professional handling of my situation was very much appreciated. You have never disrespect me in anyway during the time you dealt with me and for that. I do want you to know that I did try to make it work. My overall experience with you was very positive and uplifting. »


  • « We would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all the staff at Debt Managers that helped us with our counselling. We could not have solved this problem alone and your encouragement and advice has taken a great deal of stress out of our lives. It's great to know that you all genuinely cares your clients and we would certainly recommend to all our friends who need help in financial counselling to seek out the wonderful people at DebtManagers. »

    Yours truly,"Di"

  • « Ours is a good story, it never started out good, but who in financial difficulty could say that it ever is? After the lay-off at an excellent job and the continued spending of the life we were accustomed to, we found ourselves in deep financial difficulty. We were terrified to answer the phone knowing the majority of the time it would be a creditor. Debt Managers has been instrumental in the recovery we have made over the last few years. »

    Sincerely,Robert & Shawna

  • « With sincere appreciation and warmest thanks to you. For everything you did for me. It's people like you who make a difference in this world. »

    Sincerely, Helen

  • « As per our conversation last week, I am forwarding a money order that will bring my Visa to a zero balance. I am most grateful to have been a client of DebtManagers. The service your company has provided me is not comparable to any other!! Can you believe it; you will have enabled me to pay off $3,428.00 in 10 months. I am so pleased. I would like to take this moment to thank all the staff of Debt Managers for making this miracle possible. My deepest appreciation to all of you! »

    Sincerely, Susan

Got Questions Lunenburg? We've Got Answers!

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions. If you are unable to find any specific information you may be interested in, contact Debt Managers and a representative will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Is DebtManagers a bank, trust company, or other type of loan company? Do you make loans?

    No. We provide a Debt Management Program (sometimes referred to as a DMP) rather than a loan.

  • What is a Debt Management Program?

    One of our expert counsellors will confidentially assess your present financial position with you, either in person, on-line, or over the telephone. Your personal credit counsellor will work with you to prepare a budget and arrange to deal with your creditors. Then the company will help you manage your debts on an ongoing basis by collecting one, single manageable payment per month from you (or two, depending on your personal cash flow) and distribute it to your creditors.

  • Will my creditors stop telephoning me? Harassing me? Hassling me at work or at home?

    In virtually all cases your creditors will be more than happy to deal with our credit counsellors and file managers, and will generally cease all collections activity as long as you maintain your Debt Management Program.

  • Is your Debt Management Plan a Consolidation Loan?

    No, though the results are very similar. With our Debt Management Program, you are responsible for a single monthly payment to cover all of your outstanding debt payments, and the result is a lower payment than you are currently making to you creditors. We will also support you with credit counselling, so that you can get debt-free and stay that way.

  • What Makes You Unique? Why not go with a non-profit?

    Simply put: Creditors are more willing to lower payments, stop collection agencies from calling, freeze, reduce and or even waive interest rate charges for our Clients and accept more proposals from Debt Managers than any other.

  • Pay it Forward Fully and Faster.

    Clients on our Debt Management Program repay 100% of the debt owed to all their Creditors in an average of 4 to 5 years compared to an average of only 30% repaid to creditors on other debt repayment programs. Our Clients take great pride in paying their debts fully and in the end, restore their credit faster.

  • Are your advisors commissioned sales people?

    No. With other debt poolers, it may feel like you just walked into a used car dealership. Not at DebtManagers. You'll be glad to know NONE of our Call Centre or Account Managers are commissioned sales people. Our seasoned debt managers are here to provide you with free, sound advice, to review your options with no obligation or pressure to join. We would never make false claims or force anyone to join a program that you would not benefit from. Take your time. When you are ready, we'll be here for you.

  • Are you a Canadian company? What's the advantage?

    Yes. As a 20 year old, well-established and 100% Canadian owned debt pooler, our extensive network of national and regional creditors means we are able to negotiate the best possible debt repayment proposal on your behalf. That means lower monthly payments that offset administration fees - and leave money left over so you can live your life.

  • What social responsibility programs do you offer?

    We Give Back. Our Corporate, Social and Caring Responsibilities reflect who we are and what we do. It extends to not only our valued clients but also the communities in which we are privileged to live and serve across this great nation. Through targeted charitable giving, active employee volunteerism and free online educational programs, seminars and tools - we not only provide help for those in debt - we also focus on the less fortunate, the vulnerable and those on limited incomes.

  • What if I change my mind after I start the program? Is that allowed?

    The Debt Management Program and Credit Counselling is a voluntary program both on your part and on the part of your creditors, however, creditors tend to view your participation in a Debt Management Program in a positive light as it demonstrates a sincere effort to repay your debts. Generally, creditors recognize that our Debt Management Program and Credit Counselling is a positive indication of this effort, and as long as payments are made under the Debt Management Program, will not take any other collections activity. Also, if you enter into an agreement to start the Debt Management Program your credit rating may be affected, as creditors may notify the Credit Bureau that you have entered into an arrangement, and file an R7 rating on your file. Even if you change your mind, your creditors may not be willing to change your rating back to what it was before you started. It is important that you fully understand that the Debt Management Program is a serious commitment, as backing out of it may make it difficult or even impossible to restore your credit rating to what it was before you started on a Debt Management Program. If you are not sure that the Debt Management Program and Credit Counselling is for you, or that you are genuinely committed to completing the program, it is important that you don't make an agreement that could come back to cause you problems later.

  • What about garnishee orders or judgments?

    Contact your credit counsellor for assistance in dealing with the creditor, in many cases a DMP will forestall action on a judgment or garnishee order, and your File Manager may be able to negotiate an arrangement that will satisfy both you and your creditor to eliminate legal actions. If you currently have judgments or a garnishee order, call our 1-800-774-5779 toll free number and talk to one of our counsellors. The counsellor may be able to help immediately.

  • Will a Debt Management Program affect my credit rating?

    In some cases, as it depends on where you are at right now. About 50% of people already have this rating and don't realize it. Your creditors will rate your accounts with an R7 rating with the Credit Bureau, which indicates that you have entered into a voluntary arrangement to make payments.

  • Will I get my good credit rating back?

    Yes. Three years after completing your Debt Management Program, the R7 rating will disappear.

  • I want someone who will work with me, not just take my application. Do you offer that?

    Yes! At DebtManagers we assign seasoned and professional Personal Debt Managers to every Client who joins the program. This means we remain in constant contact with you throughout your entire debt repayment program providing you with a greater sense of comfort knowing there will always be someone there who will respond to your needs, answer your questions or help you make informed changes to your Program. Others may assign you volunteers who despite all their best intentions simply do not have the same experience, training and focus that we do. After all, when you succeed, we succeed.

  • Can I make changes myself or am I forced to call in every time?

    We offer all clients "Anytime. Anyplace. Anywhere" access through ClientCare. At sign up we provide you with free, confidential 24/7 access to your Account so you can check balances, track payments, update addresses and even make temporary payment changes. Transparency, security, reassurance, control and flexibility. Something others do not provide.

  • I love your service! Do you have a Refer a Friend program?

    Absolutely! Refer a Friend or Family member who may need our help and if they join and stick with our program we'll credit $100 towards your next installment or pay you cash*. Plus there is no upper limit. Refer 10? Get $1000!*

  • What's the difference between you and Non-Profit Societies? How can I be assured you are acting in my best interests?

    With nearly 20 years of experience we know what is best for our clients - and what is not. That is why we do not offer Consolidation Loans, Pay-Day Loans or Debt Settlement. After all, there are better ways to reduce debt than getting into even more debt. Our Debt Management Program is also structured in such a way so it ensures we remain impartial and impervious to large creditor influence and kick-backs. That means your best interests are always our top priority.

  • Are you dependable and reliable?

    As we approach our 20th Anniversary next year, nothing says safe, dependable, secure, reliable than longevity - unless of course it's our A+ rating* with the BBB or our licenses in good standing with Consumer Protection BC and Service Alberta. Be sure to check and compare before you decide.

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*Disclaimer: Qualification is subject to meeting certain restrictions and conditions, criteria, thresholds and minimums such as total unsecured debt and a demonstrated ability to service your debt with regular and sufficient income. If you qualify for our Debt Management Program, your individual results may vary. Estimates of debt reduction of 40 - 60%, debt free in as little as 12-36 payments and testimonials are examples of past performance only and are not intended to be a guarantee of future results. Results will vary based on individual circumstances. Program fees and commitment length will also vary depending on the amount that your debt can be reduced and your ability to save. Typical program fees are 15% of your enrolled debt, and program length ranges from 12 - 60 months. Not everyone is able to qualify or complete their program for various reasons, including their ability to save sufficient funds, inability to service their debt or unforeseen or unexpected events. This will be determined during the initial free consultation. This program does not  provide legal advice. If you need legal advice you must consult with a licensed attorney. In some cases, names and pictures associated with client testimonials have been changed or edited in order to protect the privacy of our clients and breifty.