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Get 12 months of FREE Identity Protection from Home Depot

Just found out that Home Depot is offering 12 months of identity protection – FREE – to anyone who may have made a purchase between April and September in 2014 (at any of their stores in the US or CAN). I just … Continue reading

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Understanding Good, Bad, and Ugly Debt

A debt is considered good in two cases; when businesses borrow money to expand their business and when people take out a mortgage to buy a home. In both these examples, debt is a good thing because it is being … Continue reading

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Debt Management Programs: Helping Thousands of Households in Managing Their Finances Wisely

Since 2007, CGA-Canada has been analyzing collective attitudes towards indebtedness and spending. The 4th report in the series, “A Driving Force No More” revealed that Canadians are continuing to struggle with record levels of household debt. 86% of Canadians 19-64 … Continue reading

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How a Debt Management Plan Can Help You

There are many reasons why people find themselves struggling to pay off debt. Often times this situation comes on unexpectedly. One minute you are doing fine and then the next minute you are drowning in debt. If you have found … Continue reading

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