Debt Management Programs: Helping Thousands of Households in Managing Their Finances Wisely

Since 2007, CGA-Canada has been analyzing collective attitudes towards indebtedness and spending. The 4th report in the series, “A Driving Force No More” revealed that Canadians are continuing to struggle with record levels of household debt.

86% of Canadians 19-64 years old are burdened with household debt. With the Bank of Canada cautioning an impending interest rate hike, the plight of Canadians is expected to worsen. In this scenario, it is imperative for those in debt to take precautionary debt relief measures and to become proactive and consider the alternatives that are available to them in order to become debt free.

If you are in arrears or you are planning to file bankruptcy, DebtManagers may be able to help. DebtManagers’ debt solutions and debt management programs can help you cut your monthly payment and work with you to set up a manageable monthly budget.

Depending on your situation, you can opt for credit counseling or our debt management program. Consolidating debt allows you to combine your un-secured debt into a single monthly payment with reduced interest.

So, if you struggling with debt seek help from debt management programs by DebtManagers and start living a stress-free life.

About Debt Managers

"We manage your debt so you can manage your life."
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