Reasons Why People Are Declined for Debt Consolidation Loans

When people face financial hardship, they tend to look for ways to raise funds to pay off their debts. One popular solution is a debt consolidation loan. However, not everyone is eligible to obtain a loan. Many applications get rejected by the lenders. Here are some reasons loans are rejected:
No fixed assets:
When you are facing difficulty managing your finances and you are already in debt, few financial institutions will lend you money without some sort of security. If you don’t have security you still may qualify, based on your past relationship, but you’ll pay higher interest rates.
Credit problems:
There are many credit issues that prevent people from obtaining a consolidation loan for their debts. Many a times, people have issues with their credit report due to late payments or debts in collections.
Poor credit history:
Many people applying for debt consolidation loans don’t have enough credit history. Not having a long credit history could mean a lender may reject your loan application.
Too much debt:
Banks and financial institutions have lending limits based on many factors including previous payment history, income, and current debt level. Too much debt compared to other factors such as your ability to service all of the debt may inhibit you from receiving a loan.
If your application for a debt consolidation loan is rejected then explore other ways to consolidate your debt. DebtManagers can suggest an effective solution to get rid of your overwhelming debts.

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