Debt Consolidation in Edmonton AB

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Why Debtmanagers?

AAA DebtManagers  is an independent group of consumer credit counselling professionals. At DebtManagers, we counselled many residents in Edmonton on becoming debt free, avoiding bankruptcy and controlling credit card debt. We offer free no-obligation consultations with our credit counselling professionals to help you find the best way to repair your credit and settle debts.

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Your credit repair or debt management program needs to begin with an understanding of your personal circumstances. Our licensed credit counselling professionals will work with you as they have with other residents in Edmonton to develop a debt consolidation program customized for your personal financial needs. Together, we'll make sure you get a realistic, livable budget, pay off your debt and restore your good credit.

Our Program Works

Our credit counselling professionals have helped over 81 residents in Edmonton, AB repair and maintain their credit with a customized debt consolidation program. Our credit counselling team will negotiate with your creditors for lower interest and then reduce your monthly payments into one, lower and affordable amount. After that, our credit counsellors will give you the tools and support you need to stay out of debt for ever.

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When you work with our credit counsellors, any harassing calls are redirected to us. You'll never have to listen to another disturbing phone call. That becomes our job. Call one of our licensed, credit counselling professionals now to restore your credit and join our other 81 clients in Edmonton on the journey to financial freedom. You'll start to feel better right away.

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Debt Consolidation in Edmonton AB

Nobody in Edmonton needs constant calls from debt collectors and sleepless nights. So you'll be glad to know debt help is at hand with the DEBTMANAGERS, Debt Consolidation Program. One call to one of our debt consolidation professionals and you’ll soon see how you can become debt free—and worry free.

Debt Consolidation is a form of debt management that many people in Edmonton rely on to manage their bills long before their debts gets beyond their control. Debt settlement services can help an individual in Edmonton AB avoid filing for bankruptcy and help get them debt relief and maintain a good credit score.

Edmonton Debt Consolidation Overview

Individuals in Edmonton who are in extreme debt often wonder what avenues they can pursue in order to overcome their existing financial issues. After speaking to one of our counseling professionals, you may decide that our debt consolidation program is your best solution to paying off current debts. Over 81 others in Edmonton have joined our debt consolidation program- turning multiple overwhelming monthly bills into one monthly payment with lower interest rates than they previously had on all their bills combined. The amount you pay is dependent on how much you can personally afford after all living expenses have been accounted for and how much your creditors will accept. Our debt consolidation counselors work to create tailored solutions based on your personal financial situation in Edmonton.

In addition to providing debt relief, debt consolidation can be an ample solution for those individuals looking to keep their credit rating intact. Combing your multiple bills into one manageable monthly payment allows you to establish a record of on-time payment history and reduce outstanding debt to balances at a healthy percent of your credit limits. Already our debt consolidation program has helped over 81 residents in Edmonton maintain or regain control of their credit.

You don’t need to file for bankruptcy! Our debt reduction program for Edmonton residents will help you to pay off hospital bills, keep any existing mortgage payments current, pay car payments, utility bills, credit card bills and any other outstanding bills you are expected to pay. This can serve as a tremendous relief -being in debt can be quite stressful and the ability to pay off bills can relieve the unneeded anxiety. You too can live debt free in Edmonton. Debtmanagers’ debt consolidation services can help you avoid filing for bankruptcy and keep a good credit score: it takes years to build a good credit score and only moments to destroy it.

You’ll find that the DEBTMANAGERS Debt Consolidation system for Edmonton residents offers the benefits you’re looking for.

  • A substantially lower monthly payment brings you immediate debt reduction and relief
  • Only one payment each month (or a split payment) to cover all your financial obligations.
  • Creditors and collectors will stop calling you.
  • Reduction in interest costs (in most cases) to help you pay off all debt in less time.
  • Control and management of your finances, ease of mind, and no more stress!
Make the call to our toll free number now or use the box above to have one of our consumer debt consolidation professionals call you at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DEBTMANAGERS a bank, trust company, or other type of loan company? Do you make loans?
No. We provide a Debt Management Program (sometimes referred to as a DMP) rather than a loan to residents in Edmonton AB as well as all other regions of Canada.

What is a Debt Management Program?
One of our expert debt consolidation counselors will confidentially assess your present financial position with you, either in person in Edmonton, on-line, or over the telephone. Your personal credit counselor will work with you to prepare a budget and arrange to deal with your creditors. Then the company will help you manage your debts on an ongoing basis by collecting one, single manageable payment per month from you (or two, depending on your personal cash flow) and distribute it to your creditors.

Is your Debt Management Plan a Consolidation Loan?
No, though the results are very similar. With our Debt Management Program, you are responsible for a single monthly payment to cover all of your outstanding debt payments, and the result is a lower payment than you are currently making to you creditors. We will also support you with credit counseling, so that you can get debt-free and stay that way.