Trouble managing your debt load? You’re not alone!
At Debtmanagers, we show tens of thousands of Canadians just like you how to be debt free, and avoid bankruptcy.
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    Once you are enrolled in our program, Debtmanagers takes over all communication with your creditors -- no more stressful phone calls or letters!

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    Your debt will get paid down quickly and with little stress, and then our counsellors will help you establish the habits for a good credit rating within just 3 years!

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Welcome to our Debt Management Tools page. We hope you find what you need here.

Start by seeing how long it will take to pay your current debts with the debt calculator and then use that information to do your personal financial budget with the debt management chart and if you find you can not make your monthly payments, call us today.


Debt Budget Calculator

Where am I now without DEBTMANAGERS Help?


Excel Formatted Debt Management Chart

Our Debt Management Chart will allow you to plot your finances and manage the area's where debt is occurring in your life. This personal budget spreadsheet is built in Office Excel format. This software is required in order to use the full calculation features found in the document.

Download it here.


Financial Chart Pyramid

Build your financial pyramid.


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