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At Debtmanagers, we show tens of thousands of Canadians just like you how to be debt free, and avoid bankruptcy.

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The DebtManagers Debt Calculator will show you how long it will take to pay off your debts on your own. It will also show you the amount of money you’ll pay in interest.

The challenge you face on your own is compound interest. The majority of your payment each month goes towards paying interest. This is why your credit card balance never seems to go down.

DebtManagers can totally eliminate or drastically reduce any interest charges, meaning all or most of your payment each month will go to pay down the balance. You’ll be out of debt for less money and substantially faster than doing it on your own.

Find out more about How We Help and Do I Qualify. These areas of our site explain how credit counselling and debt consolidation can help you avoid paying interest and get out of debt fast.