One lower payment.

DebtManagers deals with all of your creditors; your on, lower payment each month takes care of all of the debts on your program.

When we say we manage your debt so you can manage your life, we really mean it. On our Debt Consolidation program, you will only need to make one payment each month (two payments if you want to pay us when you are paid). We then distribute your payment to all of your creditors on the program.

We will totally remove all burdens of handling and negotiating your unsecured debt. Let DebtManagers organize your financial situation so you can focus on more important things such as living a worry-free life.

Your monthly payment is a balanced between paying off your debts while continuing to live a reasonable lifestyle. Through our Budgeting process, we work with you to understand your monthly needs. We then formulate a plan to repay your debts.

Your single payment every month is be as simple as possible to save you from any unnecessary hassle. For starters, your monthly payment is automatically withdrawn from your account. There are no dates to remember and you don’t have to regularly worry about due dates similar to credit cards. We also keep track of all your payments to each of your creditors for full transparency. If you want to review this information at any time you can log into our Client Care section and review your financial statements.